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We have a very special offer for you at this moment : each time you buy something from us you'll receive a “- 100%” voucher that you may use on your next order totaling minimum the double of the former order. 

This way you get an  incredible 100% DISCOUNT !!

That's how we reward your loyalty !  And as your loyalty is extremely important to us, more you buy, more you save as this crazy offer is not only valid for your first purchase !!  On all your orders you get this 100% discount  !

An example ?

Let's say you buy now for 40 euro ... we give you a “40 euro voucher” that you may use on your next order totaling minimum the double of your former order : 2 x 40 euro = 80 euro.  This “40 euro voucher” is payable in coins only.  It means that you would pay on your second order only 80 euro but thanksful to your order you may order for 80 euro + 40 euro = 120 euro !!  It means that you save the “40 euro of your former order” !!  Now with this second order we'll offer you a "80 euro voucher” and so on !

To get a -25% it's the same but you only need to buy again for minimum the same amount.  Doing so you'll receive a -25% voucher for the amount of your former order.  With this new purchase you'll get a new -25% voucher and so on.  - 100% is better but -25% is already good !!


** the voucher is to get additional goods on top of your new purchase and not to get money off the new purchase.  Vouchers cannot be combined together.

P.S. Our General Sales Terms remain valid and only the texts in French are binding.

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